My Partner Clearly Thinks I’m An Idiot

That’s unfair, I suppose. Val doesn’t think I’m stupid, he simply thinks he’s just that sneaky. I know when he’s been gone-even asleep, I can tell when he’s there, and when he isn’t. It was just the once, the night Elaine went home (temporarily, she assures us) and I know he wasn’t hunting. If he had been, he’d have either bragged about finding that blond vampire and finishing him off, or he’d be going out every night. This means it was another one of those “meetings” he thinks I don’t know about.

Val might be my love and my life, but I do think sometimes he just still has that Roman patriarch’s take on women. You’d think someone who actually saw Livia in the flesh would know better.

Admittedly I don’t know who he seems to answer to or why, but I suppose if it’s ever desperately important he’ll tell me. Usually Val keeps things quiet for one of two reasons: it’s something he’s not particularly proud of, or it’s something he thinks he needs to protect me from. I’d be a bit insulted, except that things which fall into the latter category he usually keeps from Nicodemus as well, and if he shares the former with Nico, it’s not as if Nico doesn’t have his own list of things he’d prefer to keep to himself.

Speaking of our jack of diamonds, I wonder just how far out the cards were projecting? He’s someone Val wouldn’t mind taking along on a vampire hunt, although I must confess that blond one was rather sporting, all things considered. That or just a thousand times more sensible than his allies, which is perhaps more likely. Setting aside my fractured wrist (hardly worth the fuss Val made, breaking his arm like that) he fought fair, as fair goes, and he certainly knew when to retreat. I think we can credit our new Lord with that, though. After the firestorm I think even Val is giving Alan a bit more respect. Not that poor Alan appreciates it; I don’t think I’ve ever met a Mage who’s so naturally talented and so ambivalent about using it. Once he gets more practice and control, I’m sure he’ll be more at ease.

Of course there’s Elaine to consider, too. I don’t know quite how to view her…unorthodox solution to the standoff. Or whether or not to take her word for it that she’ll move back to D.C. just as soon as things are sorted with her family. Val, on the other hand, while displeased that she’s going is certainly more confident than am I of her intent.

For some reason this annoys me quite a bit.


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