As Far As Vacations Go, I’ve Had Worse

Hey, Pete,

How are things back at Pax River? Yeah, never thought you’d hear from me again, did you. I’m fine, except for the whole career being over thing. I was thinking about trying to get up to MD and see some of you, but I’m not sure I’m ready to ask for a visitor pass yet. If you’re down towards D.C. this week, maybe we could meet for coffee. You can tell me how many parent-teacher conferences and school plays you missed this year because of work. Seriously, no one at that school will ever believe Maureen’s not a single mother.

I’m doing the tourist thing down here. Visited Arlington today (not picking out my site-you know they don’t let you do that!) Just what you’d expect, crazy around the dead Kennedys but respectful silence everywhere else, and say what you will about those Army guys, the Old Guard make all the rest of us look like slackers. It took me most of the day, walking the way the new joints require. Funny thing was, all through the day I had the oddest feeling someone was following me. Yeah, I know, I wasn’t exactly a likely candidate for stalking even before I did a number on my face. Whenever I looked, there was no one there, but it was that same feeling like when something’s off with a test even when all instruments are nominal, you just know.

I’m sure I was imagining things. Probably residual effects from all the painkillers-no wonder they don’t want me flying any planes. Anyway, don’t mean to worry you.

Just felt like I really ought to tell someone. Have it in writing, so to speak.

If you’re going to be in town in the next couple weeks, drop me a line. We’ll grab a cup and you can tell me everything I’ve missed. Everything I’m still cleared for, anyway.



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