Take a Memo

To: Savita Dash, Senior Legislative Assistant to Senator Cannon
From: Alan Graves, Legislative Assistant to same


Sorry about ducking out early on happy hour Friday. I’m not trying to be anti-social, I just couldn’t take being indoors any longer. The crowds were awful at the Hawk n’ Dove–I think they must advertise as the place to go to hear staff dish on their members. And anyway, and don’t tell Iain this or I’ll never hear the end of it and the whole Hill will know, the truth is I don’t drink. You probably notice I never really know what to order and I never finish it. Or even start it, really, that’s why I always sit by a potted plant if one’s around.

I might give it a pass this week anyway. For some reason I just need to get outside these days. You know I walked halfway home? As far as the Metro at Arlington Cemetery at least. The Mall’s not so bad in the evening. And I’m still star-struck enough I love looking at the Capitol lit up after sundown. I know, I sound like I fell off the turnip truck, but I still can’t quite believe I really made it. It’s a long way from Sacramento. A long way from the redwoods or the high desert or the Rockies, too, though. I haven’t really found any place to run or hike that doesn’t feel like city.

I know, I’m running off at the mouth again. I’m a lawyer, not a speechwriter. Anyway I just didn’t want you to think I was letting down the side or didn’t want to be social. Oh and let you know I did finish drafting a memo for herself about S. 426. I’ll need to get with someone from De Soto or Myers’s staffs before I send it up, though please if you set it up, not Barbara. I know she’s on our side, but that doesn’t mean I like being reminded that I’m still part of the white male patriarchy every five minutes. Not to mention all the Facebook invites to rallies I’m not going to attend and suggestions I become of fan of groups like Transgendered Tree Lovers Against Bovine Growth Hormone. Not that I have a problem with GLBT, environmentalists, or organic dairy farmers, but who has time to be upset about it all at once? I don’t even have time to sleep.

See you at work,


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