Damn the torpedoes

Hello, all,

No torpedoes, sorry Admiral Farragut.  Full speed is a lot slower than it used to be, too.  Amtrak’s still better than trusting some commercial college kid to fly me, though.  Train was a little late from Lansing to Chic and there’s nothing to do in the station, so I’m on their computer in the first class lounge.  Yes, mother, I’ll try and do something on this vacation besides complain, I know that’s why you suggested it in the first place.  Yes, I will go and see museums besides Air and Space.  Don’t know how much walking I’ll do, the heat is supposed to be pretty bad even for spring and I remember what that’s like.  Humidity and you have to watch for storm fronts.   If I can’t I’ll hit the gym in the hotel and try to remember my PT.

No, Mom, I’m not going to Bethesda, not even for a “quick checkup” and I know you really mean the shrinks.  They don’t need to see me and I don’t need to see them.  I might get up to Annapolis, though.  I haven’t seen  Capt Shepard in a while.  They know I’m out but doubt they saw pictures.  The cane’ll surprise them, wont it?  Never mind my face. 

I’ll have a look around Old Town while I’m there.  Supposed to be lots of antique stores and used books and stuff like that.  Probably mostly tourist crap.  Dad–want me to say hi to anyone at the Supreme Court for you?  LOL. 

They’re calling our train.  I’ll call you when I’m in D.C. 




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